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Terms, Privacy, personal data and copyright:


By clicking the 'I understand' box , you are aware that...


1)the information you have given us in this form will give right for 'Music for Life' to turn it into a song. 

2) Personal data:  We will only need your email address first name, contact number, and Instagram account to make necessary communications. Once this project has finished we will discard your personal data. 


3) Contact: If there are any questions about your story during the team's creative process, or the team would like to know more about your story,  we will contact you via the contact number you have given us in this form .


4) The copyright of the song belongs to Music For Life. You may use the song in any digital platform for personal use. You are not allowed to use for commercial setting

5) No refund for purchases of Your Story, My Music Song. 

6) YOUR STORY + MY MUSIC LIVE SHOW @ LEMNA will be postponed in case of extreme weather conditions.  Strictly no refund.


條款, 個人私人和版權事項 :

你剔咗格仔 就代表你明白以下事項 

1) 你比嘅所有資訊都會用作為寫哥仔嘅用途 

2) 我哋只需要你嘅電郵名稱聯絡電話同 Instagram account ( 如果有) .  完成該項目後,我們會將你的個人資料刪除 .

3) 我們創作團隊,有機會會與你聯絡, 可能有需要為你的 歌曲 索取更詳盡的資訊. 

4) 歌曲版權屬 Music For Life. 你可以在你的 私人社交平台分享,但不能夠用作商業用途.

5) <你講故仔 我寫歌仔> 要說不設退款服務  .

6) 如不幸遇上惡劣天氣 , YOUR STORY + MY MUSIC LIVE SHOW @ LEMNA 將會延期舉行 . 不設退款 

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