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' How I felt about the introductory to Music Therapy course ? ' By Anna (University Music Student)

This four-sessions summer Music Therapy Introductory course has emboldened me in a way that I have gained more courage in expressing myself alongside with deepening my understanding in the area of Music Therapy studies. I have also found myself having a clearer mind towards my future paths after knowing how Music Therapy can help me and guide me in different areas.

During the course, the most unforgettable moments were when we were experiencing the ‘imaging’, a treatment which we listened to a piece of an instrumental music (according to our state of mind at the time) and drew what we were ‘seeing’ on a piece of paper then explained the drawing to each other.

There were times that I was totally carried away by the feelings (yes you feel things all the time but it’s different when you are focusing on what you are feeling) but then solved through the talking processes.

We also learnt how to support the patients by accompanying them (as when playing music together), and how to guide the them through song-writing. During the final session we wrote a short song about ourselves and I thought that’s really a cool thing!


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