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Feeling/ thoughts after being 5 sessions of MT assistant - by Hugo Wong, Music Therapy Student at An

For the last summer break, I was fortunate to assist Carol for her cancer patients in Queen Mary Hospital (QMH). It is a palliative care group and it is run in a choral setting. The group performed in a festival in a QMH hospice and it was a fantastic experience.

During the 5 sessions, I mainly play the keyboard to provide music. Through my observation, I learn to lead an adult music therapy group in Hong Kong’s setting. As Carol graduated from the same MA course I take, she explains her clinical thoughts and reasons behind. This has helped me assimilate the knowledge and psychodynamic theories I have learnt, like defense mechanism and the role in a group. More than that, facilitating a group in a different culture is always hard for music therapists, and that helps me think shifting what I have learnt into Hong Kong’s culture.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the group for some warm up exercises before the performance. The group was quite nervous but I am glad they fought their anxiety and enjoyed the performance. It was rewarding to see them enjoying and expressing themselves in every session through music making, singing and relaxation. Meanwhile, I had expanded my musical repertoire, which is beneficial for me in the future.

Furthermore, I was also one of the participants in Carol’s talk on 20/8. We had a live experiment showing how music therapy can help with pain management. Moreover, through Carol’s case study, I had experienced the magical impact of music therapy on a cancer patient through composing songs. The talk was truly meaningful and I learnt a lot even as a music therapy trainee.

All in all, I had a wonderful and inspiring experience learning from Carol’s session and workshop. It was a pity to leave the group, as I have to continue my study. I am grateful for what I had taken away and I am sure it will benefit my placement in UK.

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