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2016 Internship Experience by Theodora

During my last summer break as a university student, I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work at Music for Life as an intern. It was such a fruitful experience, not only did I gain a better understanding of the field of music therapy, but also strengthen my thought of being a music therapist.

I was involved in assisting Carol on administrative and practical works. For administrative works, I was involved in designing experiment guide, conducting data analysis as well as creating a database for all kinds of songs. These songs are categorised by tonality, gender of the singer, year of publishing,

language, and theme. Through building up the database, I was exposed to various genres/years of music that I have never thought of listening to. These administrative works allow me to know music therapy from another angle.

For practical work, it was a precious chance for me to assist in one of Carol's clients' music therapy programme. Carol designed several tasks to train and develop the client's areas of social skills such as patience. I was able to assist in 5 sessions and it was a really touching moment to see that the client had great improvements. It is an unforgettable experience for me to witness how music really involves in helping and developing one's abilities. Although I wish I could participated in more of these sessions, but it was already a wonderful experience to have a first-hand exposure.

Throughout the internship, I enjoyed exploring different sectors/sides of music therapy and the life of an independent music therapist. From Carol's sharing on her experience and knowledge, as well as the administrative works, it occurred to me the difficulties and the satisfactions of an independent music therapist. I wish there could be more workshops on academic side of music therapy and it would be nice if I could visited other work places/settings Carol conduct music therapy sessions. It would also be really nice if I had a chance to try working/be an observer of a group of clients.

All in all, I had such a meaningful and fabulous time working in Carol's music therapy clinic. I believe music therapy is truly a challenging yet extraordinary job as it gives a sense of fulfilment to both the client and the music therapist. This internship has also strengthened my thought of being a music therapist and it will be a stepping stone for my following life as a musician and individual.

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