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Making Music Being Well - Music Therapy Awareness Campaign 2015


Making Music Being Well 香港音樂共悦節

This is an exciting time of the year again where a group of registered music therapist in Hong Kong is raising awareness for this profession. This event is ENTIRLY FREE & VERY WORTH GOING!!!

Music For Life has decided to sponsor such meaningful event. This event is mainly targetted for health & care professionals, such as nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, parents etc.

Our registered music therapist , Ms. Cheung Kit Yang, Carol will be giving a presentation on the 24th Friday 2015 at the Hong Kong Red Swastika Society Tai Po secondary School. The topic of presentation will be on music therapy and stress relief for parents. Targeting parents of those whose children are diagnosed with special needs. It is surely a very stressful task if parents have to take on a role of care for their entire life. Mothers may often feel shameful, fathers may feel helpless. Other feelings such as anxiety and pressure may also derive because of this and causes disruption in the family. Carol will present some of her work and also answer questions on the floor on the day.

PLEASE REGISTER to save yourself a place for this FREE EVENT!!

Facebook : 音樂共悅節 Making Music Being Well (MMBW)


音樂共悅節 Making Music Being Well 理念: 「 以音樂,創快樂」 Making Music Being Well 是由澳洲音樂治療協會(Australian Music Therapy Association) 和Music: Play For Life 合辦的一個大型音樂活動﹐ 主要是提高大眾對音樂作治療的認識﹐ 從而提倡參與音樂活動(making music) 能為參加者帶來健康和快樂(feeling good)的理念。 自2006年起﹐ Making Music Being Well 在澳洲推行﹐此後於每年的五月都定期舉行﹐ 每次為期一星期﹐目標包括: 1. 推廣參與音樂對我們的生理和心裡健康的好處 2. 增加公眾對音樂治療應用的意識 3. 增加公眾對於參與﹐ 欣賞以及創作音樂的正面影響的意識 在澳洲的Making Music Being Well 活動主要分兩大類 – 積極創造音樂(active music-making) 和提倡音樂在不同層面的應用,例如學校,醫院,社會機構, 老人院。 如果想知道更多關於澳洲的Making Music Being Well, 2011年音樂共悅節首次在香港舉辦,由澳洲註冊音樂治療師周詩澄小姐聯同四個對音樂有熱誠的團體 (CityOasis‧ The Rock Foundation‧天藝琴行‧ 香港豎琴堡) 合力籌辦,宣揚並推廣這極具意義的音樂共享活動。 請大家積極回應、踴躍支持往後每一年的音樂共悅節!




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