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Workshops & Talks

We provide workshops and talks to the general public to enhance awareness.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require a registered music therapist to collaborate with your company or organisation.

Individual & Group Music Therapy  

We provide music therapy assessment for the following client population.



Therapist will assess the following...

  • Cognitive

    • Attention span

    • Ability to make decision and choices

    • Level of understanding and ability to replicate

    • Able to follow musical cues

    • Memory skill

  • Musicality

    • Responses to playing musical instrument​

    • Ability to notice rhythm, pitch 

    • preference in instruments

    • Ability to understand musical language such as endings and pauses.

    • Creativity

  • Social

    • Eye contact

    • Interaction with therapist and peers

    • turn taking and waiting during tasks.

  • Mental/Emotional

    • Express emotion via music ​

    • Ability to express different emotions

    • appropriateness in expressing emotions

    • self-adjustment

  • Physical / Motor skill

    • Gross and fine motor skill

    • hand-eye, hands , hand-leg Co-ordination

    • rhythm and movement

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