music therapy







Apart from having the correct medication or surgical procedures, our mind-set and emotional well-being are probably two of the most powerful tools in cancer care.


What is the role of music in Cancer Care?

  • Music acts as a soothing element.

  • It helps to stimulate our brain, bring back memories and provide a chance for physical movement via instrument playing.

Music therapy can benefit the following:


1)  Express emotions in an alternative way 

When words fail, music speaks. Sometimes it is difficult to say our feelings, especially fear of the unknown, anger, shame, guilt etc.  Music helps to break the barrier of words. These negative feelings must be dealt with in order for the patients to have a positive psyche during the treatment of cancer. In some cases, our emotional well-being may directly affect our physical status. 


2) Create a safe space to build a therapeutic relationship with the therapist & peer support with group members 


​Patients may have a need to find a safe space to process their feelings and thoughts. This is important as a therapist may offer a different role compared to a family/friends. 


In a music therapy group, patients will have the opportunity to make music together, to have fun and to forget about the pain.


3) Creating meaningful interaction &  Passing on messages via songs



除了藥物治療外 , 樂觀的心情可能是對抗癌症的重大元素之一. 


  • 舒緩情緒

  • 讓病人懷緬開心的回憶令到大腦令釋放開心的荷爾蒙. 

  • 住院的時候活動機會比較少, 透過玩樂器可以提供肢體活動的機會.



  • 表達內心情緒

有時候三言兩語不能容易的表達當下的情緒, 尤其一些內疚感.,羞恥,憤怒,哀傷..


  • 治療師扮演的角色與家人朋友不相同


  • 小組音樂治療能夠給予病人與病人之間互相支持的機會

  • 透過創作歌曲抒發自己情緒和傳達訊息